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Welcome to Falmat® Custom Cable Technologies

Falmat® has been a leader in custom cable design and manufacturing for five decades. Our design analysis, cutting-edge materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities provide global solutions for a variety of industries such as Defense, Aerospace, Marine/Subsea, Industrial Controls, Medical, Transportation, Entertainment, and Robotics.

These dynamic industries are continuously being pushed to new limits, and Falmat® Custom Cable Technologies is there to provide the best, most reliable custom cables to better enable their progress.

At Falmat®, we believe in our product. We pride ourselves on being a cable manufacturer with an eye towards the future. Our products are tried, tested, and vetted by our team, ensuring the highest quality cable solution for the most prominent industries around the globe.

Performance, quality, and innovative design are at the forefront of our company. Our experienced staff of engineers and experts continues to develop ways to improve our products, giving customers the tools needed to create better technology for the an ever-changing world.

As a marine cable manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of custom cables designed for use in deep water and extreme marine environments, but that’s not our only area of expertise. We create cables for defense, aerospace, industrial, pipe inspection and even entertainment industry use.  Since the 1960s, the professionals at Falmat® Inc., have worked to build the company’s reputation as a custom cable company with the highest standards to meet and exceed your requirements. 

In addition to custom cable design, we can create custom cable assemblies to help you meet your production and sales goals. We use multiple types of military spec and high grade connectors, fiber optics, strength members and insulations to create the best quality product that meets all of your specifications.  Whether you want a custom cable design or cables to use in extreme marine environments, Falmat®, Inc. likely has what you’re searching for. 

Contact Falmat® Custom Cable Technologies today to find out how our skilled professionals can design a custom cable solution to meet all your need.

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In-Stock Cables Available

Falmat® is now offering various lengths of many of our most popular cable designs! Click here to view the list of available part numbers! We are supplying the current on hand quantities, but those lengths change frequently. Contact us for updated information:, 
Corporate phone #: 760-471-5400

Toll Free in North America: 800-848-4257.

NEW Wet Rated Pump Cables!

Falmat® offers custom designed UL Rated Wet Rated Pump Cables to meet specific requirements for the submersible pump systems of each customer. These specialized cables are designed for use with submersible pumps, fountain attractions, water theme entertainment, water-scapes, cable applications for pump and lighting, as well as composite constructions with special data transmission circuits.

Falmat Submersible Pump Cable.jpg

NEW ROV Tether Cables!

Falmat® Custom Cable Technologies, an ISO9000/AS9100 Certified Organization, is a global solution provider offering a comprehensive range of highly engineered ROV cables for Sub-sea and marine environments.

Our team of cable designers work closely with our each customers application demands to provide the most reliable cable solution for today’s high performance ROVs used in Oil and gas exploration and production, defense, oceanographic and a host of marine applications. Falmat cable designs are created for optimizing the mechanical, electrical and optical performance of cables in demanding subsea projects. Falmat ROV cables are trusted and preferred worldwide for high quality and reliability.

Falmat ROV Tether Cables.jpg

NEW Military Assemblies!

Falmat® Custom Cables is a key supplier to many major defense contractors of cable harnesses for military ground vehicles within various program platforms. Our composite approach as a complete custom cable manufacturing facility, along with our streamlined harness fabrication assembly line, provide a unique ability to design, fabricate and meet demanding delivery schedules from first article to full multi-year production programs.

Falmat Military Assemblies.jpg

NEWAerostat Tether Cables!

Falmat® offers custom designed aerostat tethers to meet specific requirements for the operating systems of each customer. Key mechanical, electrical and optical components are carefully chosen for the lightest materials, while yielding the highest reliability and meeting customer's application needs!

Falmat Aerostat Cables.jpg

NEW Xtreme-Marine Cables!

Sub-sea video cables design for deep water to 7km depths. Ruggedized design with full water blocked construction, improved strength member and the Subsea industry preferred choice of Falmat's® "Xtreme Grade" Polyurethane jackets. Xtreme-MarineVideo cables are designed with precision coaxial components for use with SD/HD video.

Falmat Xtreme-Marine Cables.jpg

Xtreme-Green® ...a Falmat® Original! 

Falmat® Custom Cable Technologies were the originators of this now often imitated bright green underwater video cable! Don't be fooled by the look-alike imposters that fail to provide the same high quality that Falmat® provides in every cable we design and manufacture!



Custom Cables

"Xtreme" Cables

Cable Assemblies

Our custom cable design approach is tried and proven for desired performance, high reliability, and conformance to industry standards. Challenge Falmat® today to improve or solve your difficult cable needs.

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Our custom cable design approach is tried and proven for desired performance, high reliability, and conformance to industry standards. Challenge Falmat® today to improve or solve your difficult cable needs.

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Falmat® offers our same business model approach of high reliable quality designs and manufacturing abilities, with value added wire harness and assembly capabilities. We offer connectivity solutions for defense, marine, harsh environment and industrial controls.

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